Butterfat Data  

Tahi, Mathias G, Philippe Lachenaud, Jeanne A K N’Goran, Désiré N Pokou, I B Kebe, D Paulin & Didier Clement (2012) The Current Status of Selected Cacao Material and Future Approaches to the Development of Cocoa Varieties in Côte d’Ivoire. INGENIC Seventh Workshop: Cocoa Variety Development and the Supply of Planting Materials to Farmers. 21st - 22nd October 2012, 21–22

Clone nameFat
H 109 [CIV]57.00
H 117 [CIV]58.00
H 1258 [CIV]58.50
H 140 [CIV]58.70
H 153 [CIV]54.40
H 155 [CIV]50.50
H 321 [CIV]52.50
H 435 [CIV]56.50
H 490 [CIV]51.10
H 6 [CIV]49.30
H 608 [CIV]51.30
H 720 [CIV]51.20
H 795 [CIV]51.60
RB 9 [CIV]57.80