Pests Data  

N'Goran, J.A.K., Lachenaud, P., Bastide P., & Paulin, D. (1993) Cocoa germplasm conservation initiatives in Cote d'Ivoire. In: Proceedings of the International Workshop on Conservation, Characterisation and Utilisation of Cocoa Genetic Resources in the 21st Century. CRU, UWI, Trinidad. pp. 221-227.

Clone namePestReaction
A 13 /D-56 [CIV]Miridshigh damage
A1 180 /2 [CIV]Miridslow damage
A1 214 /9 [CIV]Miridsmoderate damage
ACU 85Miridshigh damage
B 11 /B-263 [CIV]Miridsmoderate damage
B 9 /5 [CIV]Miridsmoderate damage
B 9 /8 [CIV]Miridsmoderate damage
GS 29Miridshigh damage
GS 36Miridsmoderate damage
GW 1Miridshigh damage
ICS 100Miridshigh damage
ICS 39Miridshigh damage
ICS 89Miridsmoderate damage
ICS 95Miridsmoderate damage
IFC 2 [CIV]Miridslow damage
IFC 25 [CIV]Miridsmoderate damage
IFC 27 [CIV]Miridsmoderate damage
IFC 320 [CIV]Miridsmoderate damage
IFC 406 [CIV]Miridsmoderate damage
IFC 413 [CIV]Miridslow damage
IFC 414 [CIV]Miridsmoderate damage
IFC 5 [CIV]Miridshigh damage
IFC 6 [CIV]Miridsmoderate damage
NA 32Miridsmoderate damage
PA 150 [PER]Miridsmoderate damage
PA 7 [PER]Miridsmoderate damage
POUND 7Miridsmoderate damage
SCA 6Miridsmoderate damage
SF 13Miridsmoderate damage
SNK 109Miridshigh damage
SNK 12Miridshigh damage
T 16 /613 [POS]Miridsmoderate damage
T 60 /887 [POS]Miridsmoderate damage
T 63 /967 [POS]Miridsmoderate damage
T 79 /501 [POS]Miridsmoderate damage
UF 667Miridshigh damage
UPA 401Miridslow damage
UPA 402Miridsmoderate damage
UPA 413Miridslow damage
WA 40 [DR]Miridsmoderate damage