Disease Data  

Iton, E.F. (1959) Studies on a wilt disease of cacao at River Estate. A Report on Cacao Research, 1957-1958. The Regional Research Centre of the British Caribbean.

Clone namePathogenReaction
ICS 1Ceratosystisresistant
ICS 38Ceratosystissusceptible
ICS 39Ceratosystismoderately susceptible
ICS 40Ceratosystisresistant
ICS 45Ceratosystissusceptible
ICS 6Ceratosystisresistant
ICS 60Ceratosystismoderately susceptible
ICS 8Ceratosystisresistant
ICS 95Ceratosystisresistant
ICS 98Ceratosystisresistant
SCA 12Ceratosystisresistant
SCA 6Ceratosystisresistant