Disease Data  

Trinidad - Dept of Agriculture (No Date) Description of clonal cacao trees (mainly ICS clones). Unpublished notebook, Department of Agriculture, Trinidad.

Clone namePathogenReactionPart
ICS 1Mosaic VirusOccasional
ICS 1Witches' BroomresistantPods
ICS 1Witches' BroomintermediateLeaves
ICS 25Witches' BroomsusceptiblePods
ICS 44Mosaic VirusPresent
ICS 44Witches' BroomintermediatePods
ICS 45Mosaic VirusOccasional
ICS 45Witches' BroomresistantPods
ICS 45Witches' BroomintermediateLeaves
ICS 6Mosaic VirusAbsent
ICS 6Witches' BroomsusceptiblePods
ICS 6Witches' BroomresistantLeaves
ICS 60Mosaic VirusOccasional
ICS 60Witches' BroomintermediatePods
ICS 60Witches' BroomsusceptibleLeaves
ICS 8Mosaic VirusOccasional
ICS 8Witches' BroomsusceptiblePods
ICS 8Witches' BroomintermediateLeaves
ICS 9Witches' BroomresistantLeaves
ICS 9Mosaic VirusOccasional
ICS 9Witches' BroomsusceptiblePods
ICS 95Mosaic VirusAbundant
ICS 95Witches' BroomresistantPods