Yield Data  

Costa Rica - CATIE (1981) Genetic Resources of Cacao. A Catalogue of the CATIE Collection. J.M.M. Engels, Tropical Agricultural Research and Training Centre, CATIE, Turrialba, Costa Rica. Technical Bulletin No. 7: pp. 191.

Clone nameSeed indexProductivityNotes
APA 4103.0mediumAccession TUR10091
APA 596.1highAccession TUR10092
BE 10102.0lowAccession TUR10102
BE 3-very lowAccession TUR10100
BS 299.0-Accession TUR10103
C SUL 3181.8lowAccession TUR10243
C SUL 7149.2lowAccession TUR10245
CAS 190.9very low - lowAccession TUR10108
CAS 380.0medium - highAccession TUR10109
CATONGO85.4-Accession TUR10114
CATONGO105.2mediumAccession TUR10113
CATONGO83.3-Accession TUR10128
CATONGO87.7lowAccession TUR10125
CC 1057.1lowAccession TUR10133
CC 10067.5mediumAccession TUR10165
CC 10286.9very low - lowAccession TUR10166
CC 103103.0very low - lowAccession TUR10167
CC 10662.8medium - highAccession TUR10168
CC 10775.7medium - highAccession TUR10169
CC 12058.8mediumAccession TUR10170
CC 12162.8high - very highAccession TUR10171
CC 124-very low - lowAccession TUR10194
CC 124-very low - lowAccession TUR10173
CC 12471.9mediumAccession TUR10172
CC 13259.8mediumAccession TUR10175
CC 13762.8medium - highAccession TUR10177
CC 13868.4lowAccession TUR10178
CC 13966.2mediumAccession TUR10179
CC 14380.6low - mediumAccession TUR10180
CC 14459.5mediumAccession TUR10181
CC 15274.6mediumAccession TUR10182
CC 16978.1mediumAccession TUR10184
CC 1749.2lowAccession TUR10134
CC 17374.0low - mediumAccession TUR10185
CC 1869.9mediumAccession TUR10135
CC 210106.3medium - highAccession TUR10186
CC 211129.8mediumAccession TUR10189
CC 211144.9low - mediumAccession TUR10188
CC 212117.6very low - lowAccession TUR10191
CC 212112.3highAccession TUR10190
CC 213101.0low - mediumAccession TUR10193
CC 213135.1lowAccession TUR10192
CC 215140.8highAccession TUR10195
CC 222-lowAccession TUR10199
CC 223-very low - lowAccession TUR10200
CC 224105.2lowAccession TUR10201
CC 225144.9mediumAccession TUR10202
CC 226103.0mediumAccession TUR10203
CC 228131.5mediumAccession TUR10204
CC 231101.0lowAccession TUR10205
CC 232101.0medium - highAccession TUR10206
CC 23482.6lowAccession TUR10207
CC 235136.9mediumAccession TUR10208
CC 236126.5mediumAccession TUR10209
CC 240114.9lowAccession TUR10211
CC 24190.0very low - lowAccession TUR10212
CC 243-very low - lowAccession TUR10213
CC 24493.4highAccession TUR10214
CC 24586.9medium - highAccession TUR10215
CC 24999.0lowAccession TUR10217
CC 25188.4medium - highAccession TUR10219
CC 252-very low - lowAccession TUR10220
CC 253117.6mediumAccession TUR10221
CC 254126.5very low - lowAccession TUR10222
CC 256123.4highAccession TUR10224
CC 25785.4highAccession TUR10225
CC 25885.4medium - highAccession TUR10226
CC 25974.0lowAccession TUR10227
CC 26074.6medium - highAccession TUR10228
CC 26177.5medium - highAccession TUR10229
CC 26284.0highAccession TUR10230
CC 26389.2mediumAccession TUR10231
CC 26564.9lowAccession TUR10586
CC 2764.9low - mediumAccession TUR10136
CC 33-very low - lowAccession TUR10138
CC 3475.7highAccession TUR10139
CC 3556.4low - mediumAccession TUR10140
CC 3772.4low - mediumAccession TUR10142
CC 3890.0highAccession TUR10143
CC 3986.9highAccession TUR10144
CC 40101.0highAccession TUR10145
CC 4184.0medium - highAccession TUR10146
CC 4296.1medium - highAccession TUR10147
CC 43117.6mediumAccession TUR10148
CC 4469.9highAccession TUR10149
CC 45101.0highAccession TUR10150
CC 4674.0highAccession TUR10151
CC 4792.5highAccession TUR10152
CC 4881.3mediumAccession TUR10153
CC 49101.0highAccession TUR10154
CC 5262.5highAccession TUR10155
CC 60-very low - lowAccession TUR10157
CC 6781.3mediumAccession TUR10158
CC 6951.0very lowAccession TUR10159
CC 7164.1very lowAccession TUR10160
CC 7464.1very highAccession TUR10161
CC 7954.6mediumAccession TUR10162
CC 8378.7high - very highAccession TUR10163
CC 990.0mediumAccession TUR10132
CC 99112.3lowAccession TUR10164
CHU 120 [VEN]107.5lowAccession TUR10234
CNS 22 [VEN]-very low - lowAccession TUR10235
CNS 23 [VEN]59.5low - mediumAccession TUR10236
COMUM TIPICO123.4mediumAccession TUR10237
CU 1-very lowAccession TUR10248
CU 3-very low - lowAccession TUR10250
CU EN SEMI 1-mediumAccession TUR10246
DIAMANTES 80091.7high - very highAccession TUR10251
EEG 25112.3highAccession TUR10254
EEG 27119.0mediumAccession TUR10255
EEG 29125.0medium - highAccession TUR10256
EEG 48102.0lowAccession TUR10257
EEG 6493.4medium - highAccession TUR10258
EEG 6580.6highAccession TUR10259
EET 12 [ECU]90.9low - mediumAccession TUR10260
EET 156 [ECU]78.1lowAccession TUR10275
EET 162 [ECU]78.7low - mediumAccession TUR10276
EET 164 [ECU]76.3highAccession TUR10277
EET 183 [ECU]92.5highAccession TUR10278
EET 19 [ECU]81.3mediumAccession TUR10232
EET 228 [ECU]61.3low - mediumAccession TUR10279
EET 250 [ECU]90.0very low - lowAccession TUR10280
EET 338 [ECU]106.3high - very highAccession TUR10282
EET 353 [ECU]80.0very lowAccession TUR10283
EET 376 [ECU]89.2low - mediumAccession TUR10285
EET 377 [ECU]94.3very low - lowAccession TUR10286
EET 390 [ECU]-very lowAccession TUR10287
EET 397 [ECU]90.0mediumAccession TUR10288
EET 399 [ECU]99.0lowAccession TUR10289
EET 400 [ECU]87.7mediumAccession TUR10290
EET 41 [ECU]90.0very low - lowAccession TUR10262
EET 45 [ECU]-lowAccession TUR10263
EET 48 [ECU]68.0mediumAccession TUR10264
EET 53 [ECU]70.9medium - highAccession TUR10265
EET 59 [ECU]70.9highAccession TUR10266
EET 62 [ECU]75.1lowAccession TUR10267
EET 64 [ECU]60.6lowAccession TUR10268
EET 67 [ECU]101.0mediumAccession TUR10269
EET 75 [ECU]128.2highAccession TUR10270
EET 80 [ECU]103.0highAccession TUR10271
EET 94 [ECU]68.0low - mediumAccession TUR10272
EET 95 [ECU]77.5highAccession TUR10273
EET 96 [ECU]-very low - lowAccession TUR10274
G 8 [GET]81.3very low - lowAccession TUR10291
GA 11 [HAI]84.0mediumAccession TUR10293
GS 2954.9mediumAccession TUR10296
GS 29-lowAccession TUR10295
GS 3659.8mediumAccession TUR10297
GS 78-very lowAccession TUR10298
ICS 158.8low - mediumAccession TUR10309
ICS 10068.0mediumAccession TUR10337
ICS 11759.8low - mediumAccession TUR10329
ICS 13370.9lowAccession TUR10338
ICS 13760.6lowAccession TUR10333
ICS 1657.4low - mediumAccession TUR10313
ICS 3968.0highAccession TUR10315
ICS 40101.0highAccession TUR10321
ICS 4050.2lowAccession TUR10316
ICS 4393.4low - mediumAccession TUR10317
ICS 4464.1mediumAccession TUR10318
ICS 45-lowAccession TUR10319
ICS 46-lowAccession TUR10320
ICS 5380.0lowAccession TUR10323
ICS 662.1very low - lowAccession TUR10311
ICS 6065.3lowAccession TUR10325
ICS 8-very lowAccession TUR10312
ICS 8965.3medium - highAccession TUR10326
ICS 91-very lowAccession TUR10328
ICS 95144.9medium - highAccession TUR10335
IMC 60105.2lowAccession TUR10339
IMC 67-lowAccession TUR10340
IMC 67108.6mediumAccession TUR10341
JACA123.4very low - lowAccession TUR10343
LA ESMIDA AMARILLO62.1very low - lowAccession TUR10345
La Esmida Roja88.4very lowAccession TUR10346
LARANJA140.8highAccession TUR10344
MA 12 [BRA]120.4medium - highAccession TUR10351
MA 13 [BRA]120.4highAccession TUR10352
MATINA86.2very lowAccession TUR10353
MOCORONGO107.5highAccession TUR10368
NA 3485.4highAccession TUR10372
OC 77 [VEN]46.9low - mediumAccession TUR10374
P 10 [MEX]59.1highAccession TUR10376
P 19 [MEX]114.9lowAccession TUR10382
P 43 [MEX]-very lowAccession TUR10386
PA 121 [PER]106.3highAccession TUR10392
PA 121 [PER]100.0mediumAccession TUR10391
PA 13 [PER]95.2mediumAccession TUR10387
PA 16 [PER]123.4medium - highAccession TUR10389
PA 16 [PER]117.6mediumAccession TUR10388
PA 169 [PER]93.4mediumAccession TUR10393
PA 81 [PER]90.0lowAccession TUR10390
PORCELANA 395.2very low - lowAccession TUR10397
POUND 12114.9lowAccession TUR10400
POUND 1295.2highAccession TUR10401
POUND 12-very low - lowAccession TUR10378
POUND 15106.3mediumAccession TUR10379
POUND 16113.6mediumAccession TUR10380
POUND 19140.8highAccession TUR10381
POUND 2093.4mediumAccession TUR10383
POUND 23107.5highAccession TUR10385
POUND 7109.8medium - highAccession TUR10398
POUND 785.4medium - highAccession TUR10399
PV 4 [CRI]66.2very lowAccession TUR10407
RB 29 [BRA]-very lowAccession TUR10446
RB 37 [BRA]90.9mediumAccession TUR10447
RB 39 [BRA]112.3very lowAccession TUR10448
RB 41 [BRA]144.9highAccession TUR10450
RB 46 [BRA]107.5medium - highAccession TUR10452
RB 49 [BRA]-very lowAccession TUR10454
RIM 10 [MEX]60.2mediumAccession TUR10419
RIM 105 [MEX]68.9low - mediumAccession TUR10441
RIM 106 [MEX]-mediumAccession TUR10442
RIM 113 [MEX]60.9lowAccession TUR10443
RIM 117 [MEX]58.4mediumAccession TUR10444
RIM 13 [MEX]64.5highAccession TUR10420
RIM 15 [MEX]75.1low - mediumAccession TUR10421
RIM 189 [MEX]68.0mediumAccession TUR10585
RIM 19 [MEX]119.0lowAccession TUR10422
RIM 2 [MEX]57.8medium - highAccession TUR10415
RIM 71 [MEX]68.9low - mediumAccession TUR10435
RIM 75 [MEX]68.0mediumAccession TUR10436
RIM 76 [MEX]46.9lowAccession TUR10437
RIM 78 [MEX]77.5lowAccession TUR10438
RIM 8 [MEX]54.9mediumAccession TUR10417
RIM 9 [MEX]63.6lowAccession TUR10418
SANTA CLARA 3 [ECU]142.8mediumAccession TUR10456
SC 49 [COL]-mediumAccession TUR10461
SC 5 [COL]72.9high - very highAccession TUR10457
SC 6 [COL]74.0highAccession TUR10458
SCA 12169.4lowAccession TUR10466
SCA 6133.3very low - lowAccession TUR10464
SCA 9101.0highAccession TUR10465
SCR 446.2highAccession TUR10467
SCR 580.0mediumAccession TUR10468
SGU 394.3highAccession TUR10471
SGU 476.3lowAccession TUR10472
SGU 6076.3lowAccession TUR10469
SGU 6998.0medium - highAccession TUR10473
SGU 71112.3mediumAccession TUR10474
SGU 8286.2highAccession TUR10475
SIAL 16393.4lowAccession TUR10484
SIAL 169-very lowAccession TUR10485
SIAL 325104.1lowAccession TUR10486
SIAL 40775.7highAccession TUR10487
SIAL 4283.3mediumAccession TUR10479
SIAL 4486.2very low - lowAccession TUR10480
SIAL 5672.4very low - lowAccession TUR10481
SIAL 7093.4very low - lowAccession TUR10482
SIAL 8114.9medium - highAccession TUR10478
SIAL 93102.0highAccession TUR10483
SIC 1126.5low - mediumAccession TUR10488
SIC 1123.4lowAccession TUR10489
SIC 2109.8mediumAccession TUR10490
SIC 256103.0very lowAccession TUR10494
SIC 2848.3very low - lowAccession TUR10493
SIC 329104.1mediumAccession TUR10495
SIC 43388.4mediumAccession TUR10496
SIC 6109.8highAccession TUR10491
SIC 7123.4highAccession TUR10492
SIC 802108.6very low - lowAccession TUR10497
SIC 80684.0lowAccession TUR10498
SIC 81386.2medium - highAccession TUR10499
SILECIA 5 [ECU]85.4mediumAccession TUR10281
SNK 1260.6very low - lowAccession TUR10504
SPA 10 [COL]93.4highAccession TUR10509
SPA 11 [COL]93.4medium - highAccession TUR10510
SPA 12 [COL]77.5-Accession TUR10511
SPA 17 [COL]120.4mediumAccession TUR10512
SPA 5 [COL]71.9mediumAccession TUR10506
SPA 7 [COL]80.6low - mediumAccession TUR10507
SPA 9 [COL]107.5mediumAccession TUR10508
TJ 1103.0-Accession TUR10517
TSA 64490.0mediumAccession TUR10527
TSAN 79299.0high - very highAccession TUR10524
TSH 56590.9medium - highAccession TUR10525
TSH 56585.4highAccession TUR11672
TSH 56586.9lowAccession TUR10526
UF 1047.1medium - highAccession TUR10533
UF 1144.8highAccession TUR10534
UF 1254.6lowAccession TUR10535
UF 12260.9very low - lowAccession TUR10542
UF 16852.0mediumAccession TUR10543
UF 2075.1mediumAccession TUR10536
UF 21095.2lowAccession TUR10544
UF 22168.4highAccession TUR10545
UF 24274.0medium - highAccession TUR10546
UF 27376.3mediumAccession TUR10547
UF 2986.2mediumAccession TUR10537
UF 29684.0highAccession TUR10548
UF 29686.2mediumAccession TUR10549
UF 3684.0highAccession TUR10540
UF 484.0highAccession TUR10532
UF 60151.2medium - highAccession TUR10550
UF 60264.9low - mediumAccession TUR10551
UF 613-lowAccession TUR10556
UF 61370.9lowAccession TUR10554
UF 65050.2mediumAccession TUR10557
UF 65454.0highAccession TUR10558
UF 66664.9mediumAccession TUR10559
UF 66754.9highAccession TUR10560
UF 66786.2lowAccession TUR10562
UF 667-lowAccession TUR10561
UF 66853.7medium - highAccession TUR10563
UF 67290.9highAccession TUR10564
UF 67652.6highAccession TUR10565
UF 67756.8medium - highAccession TUR10566
UF 70053.4mediumAccession TUR10568
UF 700105.2lowAccession TUR10567
UF 70169.9highAccession TUR10569
UF 703120.4highAccession TUR10570
UF 704-very low - lowAccession TUR12875
UF 70580.0mediumAccession TUR10571
UF 70685.4very low - lowAccession TUR10572
UF 70764.5mediumAccession TUR10573
UF 70864.1lowAccession TUR10574
UF 70967.1medium - highAccession TUR10575
UF 71075.7lowAccession TUR10576
UF 71164.1mediumAccession TUR10577
UF 71286.2low - mediumAccession TUR10578
UF 71376.3low - mediumAccession TUR10579
UF 714-very lowAccession TUR10580
UF 71577.5highAccession TUR10581
UF 716-very lowAccession TUR10582
UF 71777.5lowAccession TUR10583
UF 9376.3lowAccession TUR10541
X VERDE45.2lowAccession TUR10584