Fruit Data  

Brazil - CEPEC (1987) List of clones in the CEPEC, Bahia, Brazil collection. Computer printout from CEPEC. Supplied by B.G.D. Bartley, CEPEC, Brazil.

Clone nameRugosityWeightHardnessNotes
AB 1 [BRA]intense---
AC T 2 /3 [TTO]intense---
AM 2 [BR2]moderate---
AMAZ 3 /2intense---
AMELONADO [VAR]smooth---
APA 4smooth-hard-
APA 5smooth-hard-
BE 10intense515.0--
BE 2smooth---
BE 3moderate---
BE 4moderate---
BE 5intense---
BE 6moderate---
BE 7intense---
BE 8moderate---
BE 9intense507.0--
C 13 /5 [TRI]moderate---
C 87 /56 [TRI]moderate---
C SUL 1intense---
C SUL 10intense---
C SUL 2intense---
C SUL 3moderate---
C SUL 4moderate---
C SUL 5intense---
C SUL 7intense245.0--
C SUL 9intense---
CA 1 [BRA]moderate---
CA 2 [BRA]intense---
CA 3 [BRA]moderate346.0--
CA 4 [BRA]intense437.0--
CA 5 [BRA]moderate538.0--
CA 6 [BRA]moderate270.0--
CAB 15moderate---
CAB 4moderate---
CAB 5003 /23smooth---
CAB 5046intense---
CAB 5046 /1201moderate---
CAS 1intense---
CAS 2moderate---
CAS 3moderate---
CC 10intense---
CC 11intense---
CC 17moderate---
CC 18intense---
CC 34moderate---
CC 37intense---
CC 38moderate---
CC 39moderate---
CC 40moderate---
CC 41intense---
CC 45moderate---
CC 57intense---
CC 67intense---
CEPEC 1smooth---
CEPEC 10smooth---
CEPEC 1000intense---
CEPEC 1002intense---
CEPEC 1003moderate---
CEPEC 1004intense---
CEPEC 1005intense---
CEPEC 1007intense---
CEPEC 1008intense---
CEPEC 1009moderate---
CEPEC 1010smooth---
CEPEC 1011smooth---
CEPEC 1012moderate---
CEPEC 1014moderate---
CEPEC 1015intense---
CEPEC 1017smooth---
CEPEC 1018smooth---
CEPEC 1019smooth---
CEPEC 1021smooth---
CEPEC 11smooth---
CEPEC 12moderate---
CEPEC 13smooth---
CEPEC 14smooth---
CEPEC 15moderate---
CEPEC 16moderate---
CEPEC 17smooth---
CEPEC 18smooth---
CEPEC 19smooth---
CEPEC 2intense---
CEPEC 20intense---
CEPEC 21moderate---
CEPEC 22intense---
CEPEC 23moderate---
CEPEC 26moderate---
CEPEC 27moderate---
CEPEC 28moderate---
CEPEC 29moderate---
CEPEC 3intense---
CEPEC 30moderate---
CEPEC 32moderate---
CEPEC 33intense---
CEPEC 34intense---
CEPEC 35intense---
CEPEC 36moderate---
CEPEC 37intense---
CEPEC 38smooth---
CEPEC 39moderate---
CEPEC 4moderate---
CEPEC 40moderate---
CEPEC 41moderate---
CEPEC 42intense---
CEPEC 43moderate---
CEPEC 44intense---
CEPEC 45intense---
CEPEC 46moderate---
CEPEC 47intense---
CEPEC 48intense---
CEPEC 49smooth---
CEPEC 5moderate---
CEPEC 50moderate---
CEPEC 501intense---
CEPEC 502intense---
CEPEC 503intense---
CEPEC 504intense---
CEPEC 505intense---
CEPEC 506moderate---
CEPEC 507intense---
CEPEC 508intense---
CEPEC 509moderate---
CEPEC 51moderate---
CEPEC 510moderate---
CEPEC 511intense---
CEPEC 512moderate---
CEPEC 513intense---
CEPEC 514intense---
CEPEC 515intense---
CEPEC 516intense---
CEPEC 517intense---
CEPEC 518intense---
CEPEC 519intense---
CEPEC 52moderate---
CEPEC 520intense---
CEPEC 521moderate---
CEPEC 523intense---
CEPEC 524moderate---
CEPEC 525intense---
CEPEC 526intense---
CEPEC 527intense---
CEPEC 528intense---
CEPEC 529intense---
CEPEC 53moderate---
CEPEC 530intense---
CEPEC 531intense---
CEPEC 532intense---
CEPEC 533moderate---
CEPEC 534moderate---
CEPEC 535moderate---
CEPEC 536intense---
CEPEC 537intense---
CEPEC 538smooth---
CEPEC 539intense---
CEPEC 54moderate---
CEPEC 540intense---
CEPEC 541moderate---
CEPEC 547intense---
CEPEC 548smooth---
CEPEC 549moderate---
CEPEC 55moderate---
CEPEC 550moderate---
CEPEC 552moderate---
CEPEC 56moderate---
CEPEC 57moderate---
CEPEC 58moderate---
CEPEC 59moderate---
CEPEC 6moderate---
CEPEC 60moderate---
CEPEC 61moderate---
CEPEC 62smooth---
CEPEC 63smooth---
CEPEC 64smooth---
CEPEC 65moderate---
CEPEC 66smooth---
CEPEC 67moderate---
CEPEC 68moderate---
CEPEC 69moderate---
CEPEC 7moderate---
CEPEC 70moderate---
CEPEC 71moderate---
CEPEC 72moderate---
CEPEC 73moderate---
CEPEC 74intense---
CEPEC 75intense---
CEPEC 76intense---
CEPEC 77intense---
CEPEC 78moderate---
CEPEC 79intense---
CEPEC 8moderate---
CEPEC 80smooth---
CEPEC 81moderate---
CEPEC 82intense---
CEPEC 83intense---
CEPEC 84intense---
CEPEC 85intense---
CEPEC 86moderate---
CEPEC 88smooth---
CEPEC 9intense---
CHO 28 [VEN]intense---
CHU 120 [VEN]intense---
CJ 10 [BRA]moderate---
CJ 11 [BRA]moderate---
CJ 2 [BRA]moderate---
CJ 4 [BRA]moderate---
CJ 8 [BRA]moderate---
CJ 9 [BRA]intense---
DR 2intense---
EEG 13smooth---
EEG 14smooth---
EEG 25smooth---
EEG 27smooth---
EEG 29smooth---
EEG 39smooth---
EEG 48smooth---
EEG 50smooth---
EEG 64smooth---
EEG 65smooth---
EEG 8smooth---
EEG 9smooth---
EET 103 [ECU]moderate---
EET 228 [ECU]intense---
EET 272 [ECU]intense---
EET 283 [ECU]moderate---
EET 376 [ECU]intense---
EET 377 [ECU]intense---
EET 390 [ECU]intense---
EET 392 [ECU]intense---
EET 397 [ECU]intense---
EET 399 [ECU]intense---
EET 45 [ECU]intense---
EET 53 [ECU]intense---
EET 59 [ECU]moderate---
EET 62 [ECU]intense---
EET 94 [ECU]moderate---
EET 96 [ECU]intense---
EQX 107 [EQX]intense---
GS 17moderate---
GS 29intense---
GS 36intense---
GS 50intense---
GW 1intense---
IAC 1moderate---
ICS 1intense---
ICS 100intense---
ICS 16moderate---
ICS 32moderate---
ICS 39intense---
ICS 40intense---
ICS 47intense---
ICS 48intense---
ICS 6intense---
ICS 60intense---
ICS 75moderate---
ICS 78intense---
ICS 8intense---
ICS 89intense---
ICS 9intense---
ICS 95intense---
ICS 98intense---
IMC 2moderate---
IMC 20moderate---
IMC 23intense---
IMC 27moderate---
IMC 30moderate---
IMC 47moderate---
IMC 51intense---
IMC 67moderate---
IMC 76moderate---
IQ 1 [BRA]moderate---
JA 5 /46 [POU]moderate---
LARANJA 2smooth---
M 4 [RUI]intense---
M 9 [RUI]intense---
MA 11 [BRA]moderate387.0--
MA 12 [BRA]moderate480.0--
MA 13 [BRA]moderate---
MA 14 [BRA]moderate431.0--
MA 15 [BRA]moderate459.0--
MA 16 [BRA]moderate437.0--
MATA FOMEsmooth---
MO 98moderate---
MOCORONGO 1smooth-hard-
MOCORONGO 2smooth-hard-
MOQ 2 /16smooth---
MOQ 6 /47intense---
NA 312moderate---
NA 33moderate---
NA 338moderate---
NA 727moderate---
OB 52 [BRA]moderate---
OC 61 [VEN]intense---
OC 66 [VEN]intense---
OC 67 [VEN]intense---
OC 77 [VEN]intense---
ONDINA 2intense---
ONDINA 3intense---
P 10 [MEX]intense---
P 21 [MEX]moderate---
P 21 [MEX]intense---
P 22 [MEX]intense---
P 8 [MEX]intense---
PA 107 [PER]intense---
PA 120 [PER]moderate---
PA 13 [PER]intense---
PA 137 [PER]moderate---
PA 148 [PER]moderate---
PA 15 [PER]intense---
PA 150 [PER]intense---
PA 16 [PER]intense---
PA 169 [PER]intense---
PA 195 [PER]intense---
PA 285 [PER]intense---
PA 294 [PER]intense---
PA 30 [PER]intense---
PA 300 [PER]intense---
PA 303 [PER]intense---
PA 4 [PER]intense---
PA 44 [PER]intense---
PA 46 [PER]intense---
PA 70 [PER]intense---
PA 81 [PER]intense---
PA 88 [PER]intense---
PLAYA ALTA 4 [VEN]intense---
POUND 11moderate---
POUND 12smooth---
POUND 16moderate---
POUND 19intense---
POUND 21moderate---
POUND 25moderate---
POUND 26intense---
POUND 32moderate---
POUND 4moderate---
POUND 7intense---
PQTO 87 [VEN]moderate---
RB 29 [BRA]moderate176.0--
RB 30 [BRA]moderate---
RB 31 [BRA]moderate---
RB 32 [BRA]moderate---
RB 33 [BRA]intense291.0--
RB 36 [BRA]intense---
RB 37 [BRA]intense---
RB 38 [BRA]moderate---
RB 39 [BRA]moderate---
RB 40 [BRA]moderate---
RB 41 [BRA]intense---
RB 43 [BRA]intense---
RB 45 [BRA]moderate---
RB 46 [BRA]intense---
RB 47 [BRA]intense---
RB 48 [BRA]moderate---
RB 49 [BRA]smooth---
RIM 10 [MEX]intense---
RIM 105 [MEX]moderate---
RIM 106 [MEX]intense---
RIM 113 [MEX]intense---
RIM 117 [MEX]intense---
RIM 15 [MEX]intense---
RIM 2 [MEX]intense---
RIM 23 [MEX]intense---
RIM 24 [MEX]intense---
RIM 41 [MEX]intense---
RIM 44 [MEX]intense---
RIM 48 [MEX]intense---
RIM 52 [MEX]intense---
RIM 6 [MEX]intense---
RIM 75 [MEX]intense---
RIM 76 [MEX]moderate--Bartley, 1998a [BAR98A] The data supplied from CEPEC appears to be describing different material to that in Lopez-Baez, O. & Mendez-Wong, D. (1992) [LOP92A], Lopez-Baez, O (1995) [LOP95B]. The material in CEPEC may be UF 676.
RIM 78 [MEX]intense---
RIM 8 [MEX]intense---
RIM 9 [MEX]intense---
SC 49 [COL]intense---
SC 5 [COL]intense---
SCA 12intense---
SCA 6intense---
SCR 4smooth---
SE 1 [B67]smooth---
SEM VIDROsmooth---
SGU 3moderate---
SGU 50intense---
SGU 54intense---
SGU 60intense---
SGU 89intense---
SIAL 105smooth---
SIAL 13smooth---
SIAL 130smooth---
SIAL 15smooth---
SIAL 163smooth---
SIAL 164smooth---
SIAL 169smooth---
SIAL 2smooth---
SIAL 20smooth---
SIAL 207smooth---
SIAL 244smooth---
SIAL 253smooth---
SIAL 283smooth---
SIAL 3smooth---
SIAL 325smooth---
SIAL 357smooth---
SIAL 407smooth---
SIAL 495smooth---
SIAL 505smooth---
SIAL 512smooth---
SIAL 542smooth---
SIAL 543smooth---
SIAL 577smooth---
SIAL 578smooth---
SIAL 580smooth---
SIAL 581smooth---
SIAL 638smooth---
SIAL 644smooth---
SIAL 659smooth---
SIAL 689smooth---
SIAL 698smooth---
SIAL 70smooth---
SIAL 73smooth---
SIAL 756smooth---
SIAL 83smooth---
SIAL 84smooth---
SIAL 88smooth---
SIAL 910smooth---
SIAL 912smooth---
SIAL 93smooth---
SIAL 98smooth---
SIC 17smooth---
SIC 18smooth---
SIC 19smooth---
SIC 2smooth---
SIC 20smooth---
SIC 21smooth---
SIC 22smooth---
SIC 23smooth---
SIC 24smooth---
SIC 250smooth---
SIC 328smooth---
SIC 329smooth---
SIC 4smooth---
SIC 433smooth---
SIC 439smooth---
SIC 5smooth---
SIC 543smooth---
SIC 628smooth---
SIC 644smooth---
SIC 662smooth---
SIC 680smooth---
SIC 747smooth---
SIC 765smooth---
SIC 801smooth---
SIC 802smooth---
SIC 806smooth---
SIC 812smooth---
SIC 813smooth---
SIC 823smooth---
SIC 831smooth---
SIC 842smooth---
SIC 848smooth---
SIC 864smooth---
SIC 872smooth---
SIC 876smooth---
SIC 891smooth---
SIC 961smooth---
SNK 12intense---
SPA 11 [COL]intense---
SPA 12 [COL]moderate---
SPA 17 [COL]moderate---
SPA 5 [COL]moderate---
SPA 7 [COL]intense---
SPA 9 [COL]moderate---
SPEC 138 /8intense---
SPEC 160 /9moderate---
SPEC 54 /1moderate---
SPEC 54 /2moderate---
TSA 644intense---
TSA 654intense---
TSA 656intense---
TSAN 792moderate---
TSH 1188intense---
TSH 516intense---
TSH 565intense---
TSH 774intense---
UF 10intense---
UF 11intense---
UF 12intense---
UF 168intense---
UF 20intense---
UF 221intense---
UF 242moderate---
UF 29intense---
UF 296intense---
UF 36moderate---
UF 613intense---
UF 650intense---
UF 654intense---
UF 666moderate---
UF 667intense---
UF 668intense---
UF 672intense---
UF 677intense---
UF 703moderate---
UF 705intense---
UF 707intense---
UF 708intense---
UF 710intense---
UF 713intense---