Flower Data  

Brazil - CEPEC (1987) List of clones in the CEPEC, Bahia, Brazil collection. Computer printout from CEPEC. Supplied by B.G.D. Bartley, CEPEC, Brazil.

Clone nameSelf compatibility
BE 10self compatible
BE 3self compatible
BE 8self compatible
BE 9self compatible
C 87 /56 [TRI]self incompatible
C SUL 3self incompatible
C SUL 4self incompatible
C SUL 9self incompatible
CA 2 [BRA]self incompatible
CA 4 [BRA]self incompatible
CA 5 [BRA]self compatible
CA 6 [BRA]self compatible
CAS 1self incompatible
CAS 2self incompatible
CC 10self compatible
CC 17self compatible
CC 18self compatible
CC 34self compatible
CC 37self compatible
CC 38self compatible
CC 39self compatible
CC 40self compatible
CC 41self compatible
CC 45self compatible
CC 57self incompatible
CC 67self incompatible
CEPEC 1self compatible
CJ 7 [BRA]self compatible
EEG 13self incompatible
EEG 14self compatible
EEG 25self compatible
EEG 27self compatible
EEG 29self compatible
EEG 39self compatible
EEG 48self compatible
EEG 50self compatible
EEG 64self compatible
EEG 65self incompatible
EEG 8self compatible
EEG 9self compatible
EET 376 [ECU]self incompatible
EET 377 [ECU]self incompatible
EET 390 [ECU]self incompatible
EET 392 [ECU]self incompatible
EET 397 [ECU]self incompatible
EET 59 [ECU]self incompatible
EET 62 [ECU]self compatible
EET 94 [ECU]self compatible
EET 96 [ECU]self compatible
GS 17self incompatible
GS 29self incompatible
GS 36self incompatible
ICS 1self compatible
ICS 100self incompatible
ICS 16self incompatible
ICS 32self incompatible
ICS 39self incompatible
ICS 40self incompatible
ICS 47self incompatible
ICS 48self incompatible
ICS 55self compatible
ICS 6self compatible
ICS 60self incompatible
ICS 75self incompatible
ICS 78self incompatible
ICS 8self compatible
ICS 89self incompatible
ICS 9self compatible
ICS 95self compatible
ICS 98self compatible
IMC 67self incompatible
MA 11 [BRA]self incompatible
MA 12 [BRA]self incompatible
MA 13 [BRA]self incompatible
MA 14 [BRA]self incompatible
MA 15 [BRA]self incompatible
NA 33self incompatible
NA 691self incompatible
OC 61 [VEN]self compatible
OC 77 [VEN]self compatible
PA 13 [PER]self incompatible
PA 148 [PER]self incompatible
PA 15 [PER]self incompatible
PA 150 [PER]self incompatible
PA 16 [PER]self incompatible
PA 169 [PER]self incompatible
PA 195 [PER]self incompatible
PA 285 [PER]self incompatible
PA 30 [PER]self incompatible
PA 46 [PER]self incompatible
PA 81 [PER]self incompatible
PLAYA ALTA 4 [VEN]self incompatible
POUND 11self incompatible
POUND 12self incompatible
POUND 16self incompatible
POUND 19self incompatible
POUND 20self incompatible
POUND 21self incompatible
POUND 25self incompatible
POUND 32self compatible
POUND 7self incompatible
PQTO 87 [VEN]self compatible
RB 29 [BRA]self incompatible
RB 31 [BRA]self incompatible
RB 33 [BRA]self incompatible
RB 38 [BRA]self incompatible
RB 40 [BRA]self incompatible
RB 45 [BRA]self incompatible
RB 47 [BRA]self incompatible
RB 48 [BRA]self incompatible
RB 49 [BRA]self incompatible
RIM 10 [MEX]self compatible
RIM 2 [MEX]self incompatible
SC 24 [COL]self compatible
SC 25 [COL]self compatible
SC 5 [COL]self compatible
SCA 6self incompatible
SCR 4self compatible
SGU 26self compatible
SIAL 105self compatible
SIAL 13self compatible
SIAL 130self compatible
SIAL 15self compatible
SIAL 163self compatible
SIAL 164self compatible
SIAL 169self compatible
SIAL 2self compatible
SIAL 20self compatible
SIAL 207self compatible
SIAL 244self compatible
SIAL 253self compatible
SIAL 283self compatible
SIAL 3self compatible
SIAL 325self compatible
SIAL 357self compatible
SIAL 407self compatible
SIAL 495self compatible
SIAL 505self compatible
SIAL 512self compatible
SIAL 542self compatible
SIAL 543self compatible
SIAL 577self compatible
SIAL 578self compatible
SIAL 580self compatible
SIAL 581self compatible
SIAL 638self compatible
SIAL 644self compatible
SIAL 659self compatible
SIAL 689self compatible
SIAL 698self compatible
SIAL 70self compatible
SIAL 73self compatible
SIAL 756self compatible
SIAL 83self compatible
SIAL 84self compatible
SIAL 88self compatible
SIAL 910self compatible
SIAL 912self compatible
SIAL 93self compatible
SIAL 98self compatible
SIC 17self compatible
SIC 18self compatible
SIC 19self compatible
SIC 2self compatible
SIC 20self compatible
SIC 21self compatible
SIC 22self compatible
SIC 23self compatible
SIC 24self compatible
SIC 250self compatible
SIC 328self compatible
SIC 329self compatible
SIC 4self compatible
SIC 433self compatible
SIC 439self compatible
SIC 5self compatible
SIC 543self compatible
SIC 628self compatible
SIC 644self compatible
SIC 662self compatible
SIC 680self compatible
SIC 747self compatible
SIC 765self compatible
SIC 801self compatible
SIC 802self compatible
SIC 806self compatible
SIC 812self compatible
SIC 813self compatible
SIC 823self compatible
SIC 831self compatible
SIC 842self compatible
SIC 848self compatible
SIC 864self compatible
SIC 872self compatible
SIC 876self compatible
SIC 891self compatible
SIC 961self compatible
SNK 12self compatible
SPA 11 [COL]self incompatible
SPA 12 [COL]self incompatible
SPA 17 [COL]self incompatible
SPA 7 [COL]self incompatible
SPA 9 [COL]self incompatible
SPEC 54 /1self compatible
TSA 641self incompatible
TSA 644self incompatible
TSA 654self incompatible
TSA 656self incompatible
TSH 516self incompatible
TSH 565self incompatible
UF 10self incompatible
UF 11self incompatible
UF 12self incompatible
UF 168self incompatible
UF 221self compatible
UF 242self compatible
UF 29self compatible
UF 296self incompatible
UF 36self incompatible
UF 613self incompatible
UF 650self incompatible
UF 654self incompatible
UF 667self compatible
UF 668self compatible
UF 672self incompatible
UF 677self incompatible
UF 703self incompatible
UF 705self incompatible
UF 707self compatible
UF 708self incompatible
UF 710self compatible
UF 713self compatible