Disease Data  

Bong, C.L., Lee, M.T. & Yahya, M.N. (1996) Interaction between cocoa clones and isolates of Oncobasidium theobromae causal pathogen of Vascular Streak Dieback. In: Proceedings of the 12th International Cocoa Research Conference, Salvador, Brazil, 1996. Cocoa Producers' Alliance. (in press).

Clone namePathogenSpeciesReaction
BAL 209Vascular Streak DiebackS1susceptible
BAL 209Vascular Streak DiebackS3susceptible
BAL 209Vascular Streak DiebackS4susceptible
BAL 209Vascular Streak DiebackS5susceptible
BAL 209Vascular Streak DiebackS6susceptible
BAL 209Vascular Streak DiebackS7intermediate
BAL 209Vascular Streak DiebackS8intermediate
BAL 209Vascular Streak DiebackS10susceptible
BAL 209Vascular Streak DiebackS11susceptible
BAL 209Vascular Streak DiebackS12susceptible
BR 25Vascular Streak DiebackS1intermediate
BR 25Vascular Streak DiebackS3intermediate
BR 25Vascular Streak DiebackS6intermediate
BR 25Vascular Streak DiebackS7intermediate
BR 25Vascular Streak DiebackS10intermediate
BR 25Vascular Streak DiebackS11susceptible
BR 25Vascular Streak DiebackS12moderately susceptible
DESA 1Vascular Streak DiebackS1intermediate
DESA 1Vascular Streak DiebackS3moderate resistance
DESA 1Vascular Streak DiebackS4moderately susceptible
DESA 1Vascular Streak DiebackS5moderate resistance
DESA 1Vascular Streak DiebackS6moderately susceptible
DESA 1Vascular Streak DiebackS7resistant
DESA 1Vascular Streak DiebackS8moderate resistance
DESA 1Vascular Streak DiebackS9moderate resistance
DESA 1Vascular Streak DiebackS10moderately susceptible
DESA 1Vascular Streak DiebackS11resistant
DESA 1Vascular Streak DiebackS12moderate resistance
DESA 2Vascular Streak DiebackS6moderate resistance
DESA 2Vascular Streak DiebackS8moderate resistance
DESA 2Vascular Streak DiebackS10moderate resistance
DESA 2Vascular Streak DiebackS12moderate resistance
ICS 95Vascular Streak DiebackS1intermediate
ICS 95Vascular Streak DiebackS3moderate resistance
ICS 95Vascular Streak DiebackS4moderately susceptible
ICS 95Vascular Streak DiebackS5moderate resistance
ICS 95Vascular Streak DiebackS6intermediate
ICS 95Vascular Streak DiebackS7resistant
ICS 95Vascular Streak DiebackS8intermediate
ICS 95Vascular Streak DiebackS9intermediate
ICS 95Vascular Streak DiebackS10moderately susceptible
ICS 95Vascular Streak DiebackS12intermediate
K 20 [KER]Vascular Streak DiebackS1moderate resistance
K 20 [KER]Vascular Streak DiebackS3resistant
K 20 [KER]Vascular Streak DiebackS4moderate resistance
K 20 [KER]Vascular Streak DiebackS5moderate resistance
K 20 [KER]Vascular Streak DiebackS6moderate resistance
K 20 [KER]Vascular Streak DiebackS7moderate resistance
K 20 [KER]Vascular Streak DiebackS8moderate resistance
K 20 [KER]Vascular Streak DiebackS9moderate resistance
K 20 [KER]Vascular Streak DiebackS10moderate resistance
K 20 [KER]Vascular Streak DiebackS11moderate resistance
K 20 [KER]Vascular Streak DiebackS12moderate resistance
NA 32Vascular Streak DiebackS1intermediate
NA 32Vascular Streak DiebackS3moderate resistance
NA 32Vascular Streak DiebackS4intermediate
NA 32Vascular Streak DiebackS5intermediate
NA 32Vascular Streak DiebackS6intermediate
NA 32Vascular Streak DiebackS7moderate resistance
NA 32Vascular Streak DiebackS8intermediate
NA 32Vascular Streak DiebackS9intermediate
NA 32Vascular Streak DiebackS10susceptible
NA 32Vascular Streak DiebackS11intermediate
NA 32Vascular Streak DiebackS12susceptible
NA 33Vascular Streak DiebackS1resistant
NA 33Vascular Streak DiebackS3resistant
NA 33Vascular Streak DiebackS4moderate resistance
NA 33Vascular Streak DiebackS5moderate resistance
NA 33Vascular Streak DiebackS6moderate resistance
NA 33Vascular Streak DiebackS7moderate resistance
NA 33Vascular Streak DiebackS8moderate resistance
NA 33Vascular Streak DiebackS10moderate resistance
NA 33Vascular Streak DiebackS11moderate resistance
NA 33Vascular Streak DiebackS12moderate resistance
PA 7 [PER]Vascular Streak DiebackS4moderate resistance
PA 7 [PER]Vascular Streak DiebackS6moderately susceptible
PA 7 [PER]Vascular Streak DiebackS10moderately susceptible
PA 7 [PER]Vascular Streak DiebackS11moderate resistance
PA 7 [PER]Vascular Streak DiebackS12moderately susceptible
PBC 123Vascular Streak DiebackS1intermediate
PBC 123Vascular Streak DiebackS4moderate resistance
PBC 123Vascular Streak DiebackS6intermediate
PBC 123Vascular Streak DiebackS9moderate resistance
PBC 123Vascular Streak DiebackS11moderate resistance
PBC 123Vascular Streak DiebackS12intermediate
RP 3Vascular Streak DiebackS1moderate resistance
RP 3Vascular Streak DiebackS3moderate resistance
RP 3Vascular Streak DiebackS4moderate resistance
RP 3Vascular Streak DiebackS5moderate resistance
RP 3Vascular Streak DiebackS6intermediate
RP 3Vascular Streak DiebackS7moderate resistance
RP 3Vascular Streak DiebackS8moderate resistance
RP 3Vascular Streak DiebackS9susceptible
RP 3Vascular Streak DiebackS10moderately susceptible
RP 3Vascular Streak DiebackS11moderate resistance
RP 3Vascular Streak DiebackS12moderate resistance