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SIC 28    Theobroma cacao

 Vello, F., Garcia, J.R. & Magalhaes, W.S. (1974)
Producao e selecao de cacaueiros hibridos na Bahia. Proceedings of the 4th International Cocoa Conference, 1972, St. Augustine, Trinidad. Cocoa Research Unit, Trinidad. pp. 38-56.

Derivation: Selecao Instituto do Cacau.
Location: Bahia, Brazil.

Habit - prolific and vigorous. Fruit - thin husks. Seeds -small.

Notes:  Vello et al., 1974a [VEL74A]. Clones with numbers less than 100 are from selections made from the area around the Experimental Station at Urucuca. Clones with numbers between 100 and 800 are the progeny from these clones and clones with numbers greater than 800 are selections from a CATONGO population at the same experimental station.

Bartley, 1995a [BAR95A]. Types include Para, Comum, Catongo and Maranhao. Possibly originally from Brazilian-Venezuelan border.

Bartley, 1998a [BAR98A] The clones in this series are constituted in the following way. Numbers 1-28 are selections made on the farm which was later developed into the Urucuca research station. Numbers 28-800 are open pollinated seedlings of the previous selections. They are random selections made without any discrimination. The rows of progeny were consecutively numbered in order of planting but unfortunately no records were kept of the original planting or of the parentage of each progeny. Numbers above 800 are seedling progenies of CATONGO. All basic characters of these plants should be the same so all of these must have white seeds if they are correctly identified.


 Mother to:
AX 361    Trinidad - ICTA, No Date
GEN 53 /20    Bartley, B.G.D., 1997
 Father to:
AX 356    Trinidad - ICTA, No Date
AX 517    Trinidad - ICTA, No Date


List received in 2018   Reference
• Accession: 10493
   - Local Name: SIC-28


Moderately Susceptible, sp. P. palmivora (Pod).
Note: Unripe, Attached and not wounded
 Morera, J., 1993
Tolerant, sp. P. palmivora (Pod).
 Enriquez, G. & Soria, V.J., 1977


 Costa Rica - CATIE, 1981
Seed Index: 48.3 (dried beans per 100g)
Productivity: very low - low


 Bartley, B.G.D., 1970
Colour Dark Purple: Present
Size: medium
 Costa Rica - CATIE, 1981
Colour Dark Purple: Absent
Colour Light Purple: Present
Colour Grey: Absent
Colour White: Absent
Colour Mottled: Absent
Number: 35.6
Maximum Number: 47
Cotyledon Wet Weight: 3.35 g
Cotyledon Dry Weight: 2.07 g
Cotyledon Length: 28.7 mm
Cotyledon Width: 15.6 mm
Cotyledon Thickness: 11.3 mm


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 Bartley, B.G.D., 1970
Size: medium
 Costa Rica - CATIE, 1981
Basal Constriction: absent
Apex Form: slightly acute - acute
Rugosity: slight
Husk Thickness: 13.2 mm (15.8 - 10.6)
Length: 199.0 mm
Breadth: 100.0 mm
Colour: absent anthocyanin
Weight: 634.0 g
Pods Per Tree: 2
Hardness: moderate
Length Breadth Ratio: 1.99
Note: ratio of distances between ridges within a pair and between ridges of two different pairs = 0.73
 Morera, J. et al., 1991
Shape: amelonado
Colour: green


 Costa Rica - CATIE, 1981
Colour: brownish orange


 Bartley, B.G.D., 1970
Self Compatibility: self compatible
 Costa Rica - CATIE, 1981
Ligule Colour: slight anthocyanin (apical)
Stamen Colour: slight anthocyanin
Sepal Colour: pale green
Sepal Width: 2.58 mm
Sepal Length: 9.05 mm
Ligule Length: 8.77 mm
Ligule Width: 3.03 mm
Ovary Colour: anthocyanin absent (apical)
Ovary Width: 1.03 mm
Ovary Length: 1.42 mm
Style Length: 2.40 mm
Staminode Length: 8.20 mm
Pedicel Colour: reddish white
Note: Translation of Methuen colour codes.

Vello, F., Garcia, J.R. & Magalhaes, W.S. (1974) Producao e selecao de cacaueiros hibridos na Bahia. Proceedings of the 4th International Cocoa Conference, 1972, St. Augustine, Trinidad. Cocoa Research Unit, Trinidad. pp. 38-56.
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