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EET 374 [ECU]    Theobroma cacao

Derivation: Estacion Experimental Tropical.
Location: E.E.T. Pichilingue, Ecuador.

Notes:  Some EET clones are imported genotypes which have been given the duplicate identifier [IMP], [POU] for kown Pound collections and [MIG] for known SAN MIGUEL clones.

Synonyms: ETS 374 [ECU]


EET 62 [ECU]  x SCA 6    Ecuador - Pichilingue, 1987


List received in 1990   Reference
• Local Name: EET 374 [ECU]


 Witches Broom
 Enriquez, G.A. & Soria, V.J., 1967


 Enriquez, G.A. & Soria, V.J., 1967
Colour Purple: 99 %
Colour Light Purple: 1 %
Shape: round
Length: 24.1 mm
Width: 12.7 mm
Thickness: 9.5 mm
Cotyledon Wet Weight: 1.78 g
Cotyledon Dry Weight: 1.15 g


 Enriquez, G.A. & Soria, V.J., 1967
Shape: cundeamor
Husk Thickness: 1.56 mm
Length: 209.0 mm
Breadth: 94.0 mm
Colour: yellow
Hardness: soft
Length Breadth Ratio: 2.14


 Enriquez, G.A. & Soria, V.J., 1967
Colour: moderate anthocyanin


 Enriquez, G.A. & Soria, V.J., 1967
Length to Width Ratio: 3.00
Basal Angle: 130.0 °
Apical Angle: 82.0 °


 Enriquez, G.A. & Soria, V.J., 1967
Bud Colour: slight anthocyanin
Ligule Colour: anthocyanin absent
Stamen Colour: slight anthocyanin
Guide Line Length: 3.60 mm
Sepal Colour: slight anthocyanin
Sepal Width: 2.60 mm
Sepal Length: 9.00 mm
Sepal Length to Width Ratio: 3.40
Ligule Length: 4.00 mm
Ligule Width: 3.10 mm
Ligule Length to Width Ratio: 1.26
Ribbon Length: 3.20 mm
Ribbon Colour: anthocyanin absent
Ovary Colour: anthocyanin absent (apical), anthocyanin absent (basal)
Ovary Width: 1.50 mm
Ovary Length: 2.00 mm
Ovary Length to Width Ratio: 1.34
Ovule Number: 53
Style Colour: anthocyanin absent (apical), anthocyanin absent (basal)
Style Length: 3.00 mm
Staminode Colour: intense anthocyanin
Staminode Length: 8.60 mm
Pedicel Length: 17.00 mm
Pedicel Colour: slight anthocyani, intense anthocyanin (ab), anthocyanin absent (basal)
Hairs on Upper Surface of Sepal: present
Pigmented Glands on Lower Surface of Sepal: present
Horns at Base of Guide Lines: absent
Pigmented Spot on Pollen Sac: absent

Ecuador - Pichilingue (1987) Nomina de clones y numero de plantas existentes en la coleccion internacional de germoplasma de cacao, EET, Pichilingue. Unpublished report, E.E.T. Pichilingue, Ecuador. pp. 18.
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