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DR 2    Theobroma cacao

 Hall, C.J.J. van (1930)
Trinidad and Java Cocoa. Selection research work on cacao in Trinidad and in Java. Tropical Agriculture (Trinidad) 7: pp. 9-12.

Derivation: Djati Roenggo.
Collected by Van Hall.
Location: Djati Roenggo Estate, Indonesia.

Notes:  Java 1930.

Van Hall, 1930a [HAL30A]. A single plant of a cundeamor type, imported into Java in 1888 from Venezuela, is the parent, by crossing with the local Criollo (also originating from Venezuela, 1888) of all the Djati Roenggo hybrids.

Van Hall, 1913a [HAL13A]. DR 1 to DR 24 - First selection made by van Hall in 1912.

Mac Gillavry & van Hall, 1917a [MAC17A]. DR 31 to DR 42 - Second selection made in 1916 by Mac Gillavry and van Hall.

Knaap, 1953a. [KNA53A]. DR with numbers above 47 - Progeny of DR 1 open pollinated.


Synonyms: KW36


Fine Flavour, white seed   ICCRI, 2013


 ICCRI, 2013
Recommended clone in:
Recommended by: Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute (ICCRI), Indonesia
Year: 1948 (Current)
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 Mother to:
ICCRI 03    Susilo, Agung W, 2015
 Father to:
KKM 15    Lee, M.T. et al., 1993
KKM 26    Lee, M.T. et al., 1993
KKM 27    Lee, M.T. et al., 1993
KKM 28    Lee, M.T. et al., 1993


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List received in 2012   Reference
• Accession: 356
   - Local Name: DR 2
   - Year of Accession: 1978
List received in 2008   Reference
• Accession: IDN-13-TCAC-00036
   - Local Name: DR2
List received in 2008   Reference
• Local Name: DR 2
List received in 2011   Reference
• Local Name: DR 2


 ICCRI, 2013
 Vascular Streak Dieback
 ICCRI, 2013


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 Frances Bekele & Gillian Bidaisee, 2022
Pod Index: 20.9 (pods per kg dried beans)
 ICCRI, 2013
Yield: 2160 kg ha-1 yr-1
 Denna Eriani Munandar et al., 2009
Yield: 2160 kg ha-1 yr-1


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 Bartley, B.G.D., 1970
Colour White: Present
 Frances Bekele & Gillian Bidaisee, 2022
Colour: purple
Shape: elliptical
Number: 34.0
Total Wet Weight: 84.6 g
Cotyledon Dry Weight: 1.41 g
Cotyledon Length: 25.2 mm
Cotyledon Width: 13.4 mm
 ICCRI, 2013
Dry Weight: 1.21 g


 Frances Bekele & Gillian Bidaisee, 2022
Testa: 5.30 %


 Frances Bekele & Gillian Bidaisee, 2022
Shape: elliptical
Basal Constriction: moderate
Apex Form: indented
Rugosity: moderate
Length: 168.0 mm
Breadth: 78.0 mm
Colour: intense anthocyanin
Hardness: hard
Note: Hardness > 2.0 Mpa
 Brazil - CEPEC, 1987
Rugosity: intense


 Frances Bekele & Gillian Bidaisee, 2022
Colour: slight anthocyanin


 Trinidad - ICGT, 1992
Distance from Base to Widest Part: 146 mm
Length: 290.0 mm
Width: 91.0 mm
Length to Width Ratio: 3.20
Basal Angle: 109.0 °
Apical Angle: 64.7 °
Petiole Length: 23 mm
Pulvinus Length: 17 mm


 Bartley, B.G.D., 1970
Self Compatibility: self compatible
 Frances Bekele & Gillian Bidaisee, 2022
Ligule Colour: anthocyanin absent
Stamen Colour: slight anthocyanin
Sepal Length: 7.61 mm
Ligule Width: 3.16 mm
Ovule Number: 40
Style Length: 2.21 mm
Pedicel Colour: red

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