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SP 1 [SUR]    Theobroma cacao

 Lems (No Date)

Derivation: SPieringshoek.
Collected by Stahel.
Location: Spieringshoek farm, Suriname.

Notes:  Indonesia - PTPP London Sumatra, 1993 [LON93A] Code used at London Sumatra Plantations.

May be an error for SIC (to be confirmed)


The Annual Report for the Cocoa Research Unit, Trinidad (CRU, Trinidad 1991a [CRU91A]) lists an accession SP 1 with the information that this stands for Spieringshoek, comes from Trinidad and is of "criollo type". This could represent the SP 1 referred to by Lems (cited by Bartley, 1993a [BAR93A]) which originated in Surinam. However, Bartley comments that as far as he is aware, there is no surviving material of this clone. The SP 1 in ICG,T may therefore be SP 1 [VEN] which could have been sent to ICG,T from CENIAP Venezuela as part of an exchange consignment in 1987/9.


 Father to:
AX 26    Trinidad - ICTA, No Date
AX 28    Trinidad - ICTA, No Date

Lems (No Date)
Trinidad - ICTA (No Date) List of AX Crosses. Unpublished report, Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture, Trinidad. pp 18.