Flower Data  

Frances Bekele & Gillian Bidaisee (2018) Morphological data from the International Cocoa Collection (ICG,T) maintained by the Cocoa Research Centre (CRC), Trinidad & Tobago.. Unpublished data on fruit and flower morphology supplied as an Excel spreadsheet by Frances Bekele, April and October 2018.

Clone nameLigule colourStamen colourSepal widthSepal lengthLigule widthOvule numberStyle length
CCN 51anthocyanin absentanthocyanin absent2.468.302.72412.43
CRU 6B /5intense anthocyaninmoderate anthocyanin2.256.541.97501.85
EQX 27 [EQX]intense anthocyaninslight anthocyanin1.957.012.36412.29
GU 235 /Panthocyanin absentanthocyanin absent2.147.042.01331.84
GU 263 /Vslight anthocyaninanthocyanin absent2.447.522.14452.38
ICS 79anthocyanin absentanthocyanin absent2.387.702.55532.27
NA 693anthocyanin absentanthocyanin absent2.217.742.46412.50
PA 246 [BRA]anthocyanin absentintense anthocyanin2.218.762.59362.65
SLA 23slight anthocyaninintense anthocyanin1.897.112.17411.99