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CRU 56    Theobroma cacao

Derivation: Cocoa Research Unit.
Location: ICGT, TTO.

Notes:  Selections made from Trinidad populations.


Selections made from Trinidad populations.


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Current List   ICQC,R Website
• Accession: RUQ 1660     ICQC,R 
   - Local Name: CRU 56
   - Year of Accession: 2008
List received in 2012   Reference
• Local Name: CRU-56
• Local Name: CRU-56/T4
List received in 2011   Reference
• Local Name: CRU 56


 Frances Bekele & Gillian Bidaisee, 2022
Pod Index: 20.2 (pods per kg dried beans)


 Frances Bekele & Gillian Bidaisee, 2022
Colour: purple
Shape: elliptical
Number: 42.0
Total Wet Weight: 70.1 g
Cotyledon Dry Weight: 1.18 g
Cotyledon Length: 24.7 mm
Cotyledon Width: 12.7 mm


 Frances Bekele & Gillian Bidaisee, 2022
Testa: 5.20 %
 Trinidad - CRU, 1998
Butterfat Content: 55.20 %
Testa: 7.50 %


 Frances Bekele & Gillian Bidaisee, 2022
Shape: obovate
Basal Constriction: slight
Apex Form: obtuse
Rugosity: slight
Length: 145.0 mm
Breadth: 84.0 mm
Colour: anthocyanin absent
Hardness: hard
Note: Hardness > 2.0 Mpa


 Frances Bekele & Gillian Bidaisee, 2022
Colour: slight anthocyanin


 Frances Bekele & Gillian Bidaisee, 2022
Ligule Colour: moderate anthocyanin
Stamen Colour: slight anthocyanin
Sepal Length: 8.00 mm
Ligule Width: 1.96 mm
Ovule Number: 45
Style Length: 2.24 mm
Pedicel Colour: red

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